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Supplier: Moon Magic
Type: Rose quartz necklace

– Authentic Rose Quartz
– 925 Sterling Silver
Beautifully crafted silver amulets frame an impeccable Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the birthstone spiritual of the Taurus

The pink quartz necklace – Cycle of the Moon is a dreamy boho piece that pays homage to the cycles of the moon. The perfect symmetry of the Pink Quartz Necklace – Moon Cycle reflects the infinite symmetry of the phases of the moon and the parallel cycles in our own existence. Find peace with the increasing and shrinking flow of life when you wear this necklace.

Rose quartz is a discreet stone with a beautiful pink tone that will bring peace and comfort to those who wear it.

Size and size details:

Rose quartz: Approx. 7/16 "(1.11cm) round
Charms: occupy 7 1/8" (18.10cm) of the necklace

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