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stubble free

0 Comments 01 August 2011

lucky penny has been enjoying all this gorgeous weather lately… and you know what that means? with all her little dresses, short shorts, and mini-skirts, soft silky legs are a must.

thank goodness for her latest drugstore find. she la-la-loves schick intuition razors so much, she has said buh-bye to everything else. they come with these ingenious blocks of shaving cream built around the blades. so no need to lather up and rinse!

while in the shower, as soon as she drags the razor up her leg the little block gets sudsy on its own. brilliant! rechargeable blades come in packs of three, too. milk and honey soothing moisture is her favourite.

and it doesn’t stop there… lucky penny loves anything that saves her precious time, especially in the morning. with built-in moisturizer, she can even skip her daily lotion application. oh, and the razor has a cover that is perfect for when she travels to italian coast this summer.

la dolce vita, indeed.

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