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le labo

0 Comments 02 February 2014

le labo santal 33

lucky penny, at least once a day, hears that she smells reeeeeeeeeeally good from her nearest, dearest and strangers alike… want to know why?

for the second day of valentines, her true love gave to me… santal 33 by le labo, a spicy yet sweet fragrance with notes such as sandalwood, cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, musk and amber.

this eau de parfum is also unisex, so cute boyfriend can borrow it anytime. every bottle is freshly handmade, then personalized and beautifully packaged on site at 6 by gee beauty, so no need for gift wrapping.

come on baby, light my fire.

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14 days of valentines

0 Comments 01 February 2014

catbird heart ring

lucky penny is in love... just like that emoji with hearts for eyes.

for the first day of valentines, her true love gave to me… no partridge in a pear tree, but five golden catbird heart rings. handmade in brooklyn, they come in either gold or silver… and their alphabet rings are on her wish list, too.

hint, hint.

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let’s play ball

0 Comments 17 May 2013

shared blue jays t-shirt

lucky penny has been counting down for weeks, and the big day is finally here… cute boyfriend is baaaaaaaaaack.

a welcome home present is in order. what better way to greet him at the airport than a cheer from the home team.

this japanese blue jays tee by shared from the drake general store is made of super soft supima cotton (his favourite), and it pairs well with peanuts or cracker jacks.

go jays go!!! #lovethisteam

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iphone safari

0 Comments 15 May 2013

c. wonder giraffe iphone case

lucky penny‘s favourite animal is a giraffe… gentle, graceful and gorgeous.

so imagine her overwhelming glee when she spotted this tall but small iphone 5 case by c. wonder on her apple store safari.

there was a zebra, too, but thankfully no lions, tigers or bears. oh my!

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0 Comments 14 May 2013

kate spade ipad case

lucky penny has recently completed her apple trifecta: macbook pro, iphone and ipad.

to mark the occasion, her beloved sidekick needed a *new* outfit like this ipad folio case by kate spade. it reminds her of school days past when she used to wrap her textbooks with pretty paper… because why do science or math covers look so darn boring slash ugly?

the folio case not only folds up nicely into a headstand, but it also doubles as a coffee table book prop. pop!

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